The Wake Forest Renaissance Centre’s new program, Art Mission for Heroes will be offering classes in acrylic painting, drawing and a series of expression and inspiration through art workshops; tree of life, adult finger painting, weaving, beads and jewelry. These classes will be offered from September 2019 through February 2020. Classes are available to veterans and their families.  Scholarships are available to cover the class registration fee. Call Debra Horton – office 919-435-9566 or  for more details. All classes are free to Veterans. 


StopGap For Heroes is proud to announce that our Coffee Hour For Veterans begins in August (2019). Come out for a FREE cup of coffee and a meet and greet with fellow veterans at the Wake Forest Coffee Company on the 1st Thursday of every month from 8AM – 9AM and at Bada Bean Coffee & Things on the third Thursday of every month from 8AM – 9AM.

Heroes MILITARY BAnner Program

StopGap For Heroes and our local town government are proud to recognize and pay tribute to our local military heroes for their sacrifice and service through the Heroes Military Banner Program. Family members and loved ones may nominate a Veteran service member from any branch of the military to be honored with a street banner with the individual’s name and photo. The banner will be prominently displayed throughout our downtown.

Health Wellness Education and Prevention

The Health Wellness Education & Prevention program provides healthy living and health prevention workshops, webinars, access to health and wellness activities for our local Veterans and their families. Resources and workshops will be provided by a Certified Health & Fitness Coach, Pharmacist, Occupational Therapist, Nurse and/or Registered Dietitian.

Military Spouse Support Group

Being a part of a military family offers unique opportunities and challenges.  Meeting with others who shares similar experiences can provide us with connections and support. This group will allow spouses a safe space to discuss and address the ups and downs of military life to include; marital stress, isolation, anxiety, parenting alone, re-engagement as a civilian, and other difficulties military spouses face. 


Dog and Cat with American Flag

Program Details Coming Soon!

Educational Series For Heroes

Our goal at StopGap For Heroes is to raise local community awareness about the plight of our returning Veterans, and to foster the supportive re-engagement and integration of our heroes.  To further this mission, we offer a wide variety of free educational workshops, webinar, trainings, and information sessions for schools, businesses, civic organizations, and faith communities. We believe that education is the first step towards awareness, support, access, and integration; which makes our community healthier and safer place for our Veterans and their families to live.  We also provide educational workshops to our Veterans and families that focuses on navigating their communities, VA system and resources, and self-advocacy.

Financial Education Series

The StopGap for Heroes Financial Education Series includes a series of no-obligation financial education workshops covering several aspects of the financial services industry and will be delivered by a qualified and licensed Financial Advisor. Over a period of four months, the series will include four monthly sessions with an hour and a half for each session. The series will begin covering foundational topics and build on the foundational with each session. If needed, the course content or sequencing can be modified if the group in attendance has a common interest.

Mentors For Heroes Program

StopGap For Heroes Peer Mentoring Program pairs established Veterans with returning Veterans who are experiencing Post-traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) or other adjustment/re-acclimation challenges. We take great care to personalize these informal pairings, with the intention of easing the transition from combat to civilian life. The peer relationships formed with other local Veterans will serve to integrate and battle isolation, build resiliency through encouragement, make personal connections, and access to support, and resources.  All local Veterans are welcome to utilize this program. 

Professional Development

StopGap For Heroes Professional Development program is dedicated to providing resources that help to foster the personal and professional growth for our local Veterans. The program assists Veterans in accessing the right community resources to help them achieve their goals.  This includes community referrals, VA resources, webinars, and workshops (Resume Writing, Credit Repair, etc.)