Second Coffee Hour for Veterans

Second Coffee Hour for Veterans

Bada Bean Coffee & Things of Wake Forest had its first Coffee Hour for Veterans event on August 15th and it was a huge success. Elizabeth Stone, the owner of Bada Bean, whose husband was a Veteran, went above and beyond the call of duty to welcome almost a dozen vets to her “modern-day café.” She routinely sees Veterans in her coffee shop and made sure everyone knew about the event beforehand. There were Air Force, Navy, Army, and Marine vets gathered around the coffee stand telling ‘lies’ and stories about the ‘good old days’. Tales of deployments, Gunnies, First Sergeants, mess facilities, R & R trips, and more were the highlight of the morning. A great time was had by all.

Bada Bean will sponsor this event every 3rd Thursday of the month. Elizabeth is looking forward to the next one and invites all Veterans to come and have a cup of coffee with friends – friends you just haven’t met yet. As Elizabeth says, “At Bada Bean, you come in a stranger and leave as a friend.”

StopGap for Heroes is grateful for this partnership with Bada Bean Coffee & Things and looks forward to making this coffee hour a wonderful place for Veterans to meet and support each other.

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